By way of introduction, my name is DeWayne Williams.  But, I prefer DW.  It’s critically important to me that you know a little about me and why I started Get Wealthy Affiliate. I guess, in a nutshell, you could say it’s to help you. But, I find that to be way too vague and way too cliche.

A Little Back Story

Like most of you reading this article, I began my professional career simply working a “J.O.B.” (just over broke) trying to make ends meet. And hopefully, unlike me, you are wanting to get out of the 9 to 5 duldrums much sooner than I did. You see, I’ve had many jobs throughout my life. None of which really made me happy. I mean, I had good years and bad years. Who hasn’t?  But, during those good years, I wasn’t happy. I mean, honest to goodness happy. The kind of happy that would make me jump out of bed and couldn’t wait to get to the office.

Think about this… Who truly wants to continue to go to a job they can’t stand. An employer who sees you as a number not a human being. Do you really want to go and be brow-beaten by an overly educated bookworm who doesn’t have the faintest idea of how to manage people, or rather, lead people. This had been my experience for too many years. And, I finally had enough!

I wanted to become my own boss. Make my own rules. etc. etc. But, what kind of business could I create and manage?


What Type Of Business Can I Do?

I knew that I couldn’t just quit my job and create a thriving company the next day. I understood that I would have to continue working and create a “side hustle” that would eventually lead to me earning enough income to transition over to what I had created.

When I say I tried just about every side hustle there is, I mean I tried just about every side hustle there is. From network marketing (you know – pyramid schemes) to building my own videos.  What I learned from my time going from one side hustle to another was that I either needed a whole lot of money to “get in” or there was absolutely no training. Or  both. talk about frustration!

Then, a mutual friend told me about affiliate marketing and I thought it had potential.  But, what I didn’t know was how many affiliate marketing programs there were out there. And, before long, I was back to feeling frustrated again. Because, the ones that I had researched had the same issues I faced with all of the other side hustles – invest lots of money with very little or no training at all.

I really liked the concept of the affiliate network program. So, I took it upon myself to research as many programs as I could and findout which ones would be the best of the best. And, to my delight, I believe I have done just that.


My Mission With GetWealthyAffiliate.com

GetWealthyAffiliate’s, and ultimately my, primary goal is to educate people about the affiliate marketing marketplace. There is so much flawed and inaccurate information out there it’s no wonder the industry gets a bad rap.

So, I am going to provide you with not only the best affiliate training programs there is to date. But, a breakdown of each company and what the pro’s and con’s are to each one and why.

You will have a full understanding how much money you will need to invest, how much time you will need to invest. You will even get a firm understanding of compensation and how you’ll get paid.

You’ll have more than enough knowledge to make an informed decision on which affiliate marketing program to join. You’ll be miles ahead of anyone who joins without doing their diligence. Which means you stand a better chance of being successful.

So, join me on this journey. Follow me. Ask me questions. Offer your own opinions and be open to the honest responses that you will receive. With a little hard work and dedication you too could eventually quit your J.O.B. and become your own boss.

All the best,