Wealthy Affiliate Announces “Life Changing” Live Training

Wealthy Affiliate has announced a blockbuster live training series where WA expert, Jay, is going to be showcasing the process of 0-60 MPH in business. This is going to be a Series of expert classes that will run daily through the course of two weeks.

This class is for premium and premium plus members only. And will start on October 18 and go thru October 31, 2021.

Founder, Kyle Loudon, explains that “Jay is going to be uncovering this ENTIRE 2022 make money process, front to back within Research to Profits Step-By-Step: 14 Day LIVE Case Study Series starting on October 18th to October 31st! It’s going to be brilliant, and if you are not already registered, do it soon.”

Kyle continues “Jay has 20 years experience within the online world and is one of the key figures and experts here within the community. If you have taken part in any of his Friday Night classes, you will know just how powerful his delivery is when it comes to training (and how proficient he is creating online businesses). His breadth of knowledge is going to truly be showcased in the classes this month.”



Here is a full breakdown of the courses:

These are available to ALL Premium and Premium Plus+ members.

  • Day 1: Research: Niche
  • Day 2: Research: Affiliate Programs
  • Day 3: Research: Keywords
  • Day 4: Build: Website
  • Day 5: Setup: Tracking
  • Day 6: Setup: Socials
  • Day 7: Write: Core Content
  • Day 8: Build: Content Strategy Spreadsheet
  • Day 9: Build: Content Creation Calendar
  • Day 10: Write: 1st Blog Post
  • Day 11: Write: 2nd Blog Post
  • Day 12: Build: Social Media Growth
  • Day 13: Setup: Hire a Writer
  • Day 14: Write: 3rd Blog Post From Writer

This level of education is something other companies are charging $1,000’s for alone and Jay is taking what some will see as a new approach to establishing a business focusing heavily on the research for the build out process. This will give you a unique take on research and keyword assessment, prior to the build out process and is a powerful approach to building a business in any niche.

If you have not already registered for the series, you can do so from the Series homepage:

====>Become A Premium Plus Member Here

====> Series: Research to Profits Step by Step: 14 Day Live Case Study


You are truly going to get an inside peak over the shoulder of an expert (Jay) as he swiftly and efficiently builds out the core components of a business. This process literally took me 3 months to accomplish, when I started out online 17 years ago…times have certainly!


====>Become A Premium Plus Member Here



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